Thailand online gaming market indicators


According to an industry analysis report from Global Market Insights Inc., Online Entertainment Market size surpassed USD 55 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at 16.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. Since Coronavirus hit the world in 2020, with academic institutions closing and work operating on a work from home model, people have found more time on their hands to take on leisure activities. the global media and entertainment market has been on a steady rise since the pandemic started. users in the online market have increased significantly. Facing the sudden changes in global market behavior, the Thai online game market has also exploded with greater vitality. SensorTower has published a Q1-2020 Online Game Market Data, Southeast Asia mobile game revenue with almost $480 million U.S. dollars, and downloads surged to 1.82 billion times, surpassing India to become the world's most downloaded market. Among the six core markets in Southeast Asia, Thailand has the highest revenue, accounting for 27% of total revenue, and Thailand’s mobile game downloads have grown particularly significantly. Therefore, Thailand has become a new point of the market among Southeast Asian countries. The major countries markets of Southeast Asia Create for users in Thailand Thailand, the six mainland countries markets of Southeast Asia, which ranks among the top 20 in the world for mobile games, 80% of the people are players, 49% of pay-to-play players of the total population, with the highest-spending countries in the world per capitain of online gaming, and smartphones are the most popular games platform. In addition, nearly 50% of smartphone users log on to social platforms almost every day, and access to information on mobile phones has become a way of life. Thailand has more than 40 million users, and more than half of mobile game players lives in Bangkok and surrounding cities. The major players age are under 24 and 25-39 group, and the per capita online gaming expenditure is about 500 Thai Baht. Thai gamers like a variety of games, spending longer than the world average every day and willing to pay more. The majority of mobile gamers, 55%, are men aged between 25-34. Deep Compelling Game Experiences to Online gaming platforms, Developed By Top Gaming Creators With Global Data Science. Millionaire Poker creates a brand new Thai online game experience. Thailand potential to score big in gaming, however in worldwide online gaming platform markets there are similar games products such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, 13-card, baccarat, dragon and tiger."Millionaire Poker" is the first online poker games are adapt to the cultural nuances of Thai players with the content fits with local user interface and sounds, except the classic card games also with whole new Thai local popular card games. "Millionaire Poker" localization strategies from Thailand market research, consumer behavior, Thai art style, gaming preferences, marketing plan, payment habits ,with the 40% higher engagement rates than other gaming platforms.