UFABETXMP Crazy Bonus Plus On Mother’s Day Starts On Aug 18 ! Up To Total THB 500,000 Cash Prizes Are Up For Grabs!


Asia-first, brand-new online poker games specified created for the Thai players, Millionaire Poker developed by senior elite team with big data, combined with intelligent computing systems and player data, to provide players with the most diverse and authentic Thai-style mini games. MP is a popular game with topicality, it was well-loved by many players when the game was launched. The last UFABET X MP first cooperative was loved by players! For celebrate August Mother's Day, MP and UFABET collaborate to launch an 14 days celebration event, and offered a grand prize of THB 500,000. The "Mother's Day Betting Competition" will be officially launches at 00:00 on August 18th. During the event, players are eligible for betting ranking competition by play four designated games ”PokDeng、GaoGae、Texas Hold’em、Paikang“on MP. The more to play the games, the higher bet amount to get! The top 500 players can receive the corresponding bonuses! ”Don’t Talk! Just Play!” Play MP freely to win championship and generous rewards! For more info please visit MP website: Millionaire Poker 【 For more information/ API services 】 • Telegram:@JoeyMPoker • Skype:live:.cid.8997166909750c02 • Whatsapp:+66 96 661 6999 Dates : 2021 August.18 00:00:00 - 2021 August.31 23:59:59(GMT+8) Details: -Bets on four popular games are designated during the competition period( PokDeng、GaoGae、Texas Hold’em、Paikang ) could participate in betting. The players rank is according to the total amount of bet, the higher bet with higher ranking. • If two or more players have scored reaches deuce, players ranking will according to the chronological order of reaching the score. • The top 500 players will get the corresponding prize. For Official Rules and prize descriptions, go to UFABET X MP website. • The activity is 2 weeks, bet settled once a week. • In the weekly ranking contest, players who have already received prizes can claim prizes repeatedly during the event period, you can claim prizes up to 2 times. • The bonus will be issued before 18:00 on Thursday after settlement (e.g. the first week of activity is on Aug18-Aug24, the time of prize distribution is on Aug26 before 18:00(GMT).) The ranking requires a minimum total bet amount, and the turnover must be 20 times the bonus. The 500th ranked will receive rewards THB 120, to participate in the ranking contest total bet must exceed THB 2,400. • Sponsor reserves the right of final modification, change, event interpretation and cancellation of this event. If there is any related change, It will be announced on the website without notice.