The most Thai Style Game MPOKER X Thailand Goddess bring you into a fantasy adventure!


The Thai goddess is here! Thai players favorite card game Millionaire Poker, Inviting 3 Thai sexy key opinion leader to join the game character. With exotic traditional Thai costumes and exquisite UI, lead players into the magic forest for a fantastic adventure! The latest RPG animation mode with 19 popular classic games with 19 brand new RPG scene themes of game lobby, the delicate and exquisite UI brings players a refreshing and exciting experience. The development team will release more exclusive mini-games to bring players most memorable gaming experiences. In addition to the UI and characters, the game development team will upgrade the intelligent calculation system more comprehensively, combining the e-sports mechanism with the social communities and fortune telling systems, 30% lighter data resources, and provide each agent with an independent API operation system, exclusive algorithmic risk control technology to ensure stable profitability, combined with the senior developed team to make the product cycle longer, combined with the current best Hot search for celebrities and online influencers to create product topics! “Don’t Talk, Just Play!” The goddess is waiting for you to take an adventure in MPOKER!